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Graduate Exhibition statement

My work embraces technology, both as an inspiration and as a means of production. the sound behind the silence concerns itself with the proliferation of EMF (Electromagnetic fields) from the many electronic devices we use in everyday life.

The work builds on the hidden EMF sounds I have captured around Aberystwyth. An exploration of electronic circuitry also informed my work, and a sense of space, virtual or actual, an engagement with a broader interpretation of landscape and a playful enjoyment of the processes involved have all contributed to my relationship and contribution to the sonic richness of my environment.

Shadowscape digital photograph

Artist Statement

I am a second-year student studying for a BA in Fine Art at Aberystwyth School of Art. My background is in music, visual arts and education. I have worked in the music industry and in the education sector, as a qualified lecturer teaching IT related subjects. I studied Multi-media authoring and have run my own web & graphic design company. I find that this combination of creativity and technology provides a solid foundation for my explorations and discoveries in art.

I am deeply attracted to dualities and oppositions which can become a framework for some of my work; visually, intellectually, emotionally & sonically. By pairing opposites one can begin to look at the overlap between them and discover new combinations and exclusivities, where the space in-between becomes more important.

I became fascinated by photography at a young age. I use an iPhone exclusively in conjunction with occasional visits to Photoshop. The availability of instantaneous response is a driving force for my creativity and I enjoy the serendipitous moments that reveal images which appeal to my aesthetic sense of otherness. My studies during my second year have helped me to focus on process-based work and this has broadened my involvement in using my ideas and practice.

I draw inspiration from a wide range of creative endeavours; music, painting, photography & videography, literature, performance, sound art, conceptual and interdisciplinary practice. I favour early 20th century modernist painting, but enjoy contemporary figures like John Virtue and Peter Doig. Conceptually, I admire Dada and the Surrealists’ sense of humour along with the power inherent in expressionism and contemporary practice. The work of modern interdisciplinary artists like Olafur Eliasson and Cai Guo-Qiang is having a profound effect on my thought processes and I am finding that to be a liberating development in my work.

The use of sound has been a major focus for much of my life and I am enjoying the exploration of how sound and art co-exist. I have started to use video in my art work as a vehicle to bring the visual and the audible into the same realm.

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